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RENTAL > Ideal


the Ideal category comprises our semi-integrated vehicles: all equipped with 4 beds, they are divided as follows:

- twin beds at the back and a length of 7 or 7.40m, for those who prefer the comfort of beds whilst giving up a part of the living area,

- with transverse double bed and a length of 7m, for those who need a vehicle with a more comfortable and spacious living area.

in this category we find brand vehicles: Laika and Mclouis

all vehicles in this category are equipped with:

veranda, photovoltaic panel, alarm, car radio, parking sensors or rear-view camera, garage and inverter to recharge small devices while travelling.

certified for 4 people

Con 120 km:
- Bassa stagione € 90,00
- Media stagione € 120,00
- Alta stagione € 155,00

Con 200 km:
- Bassa stagione € 105,00
- Media stagione € 135,00
- Alta stagione € 170,00

Km illimitati:
- Bassa stagione € 135,00
- Media stagione € 165,00
- Alta stagione € 200,00

€ 0,25 a km in eccedenza


standard € 80,00

DEPOSITO CAUZIONALE € 1.000,00 con carta di credito